My main research interests concern fluid dynamics and turbulence, mainly applied to geophysical flows. In my work, a combination of lab experiments, numerical calculations, theoratical derivations and data analysis are used in order to investigate instabilities and turbulence in stratified and rotating fluids.

I am specialist in the dynamics of flows influenced by a stable density stratification and rotation. I did a PhD at LadHyX on turbulence and instabilities in stratified fluids. Now, I continue to work on this subject in particular with experiments in the Coriolis platform. For example, I was co-manager with Erik Lindborg of a big project called MILESTONE of experiments of stratified and rotating grid turbulence.

I also worked at KTH (Stockholm, Sweden) on the analyze of General Circulation Models (GCM).

I also worked on simulations of simple 2D models (like the shallow water model).

I also worked on a stratified Taylor-Couette experiment in the project MUST at DAMPT (Cambrige, UK)

I also work to promote open-science and open-source with Python in particular with the project FluidDyn

For more information about my work, have a look at my news.