FluidPythran 0.1.5 -> Transonic !

Edit about Transonic

We decided to stop the development for FluidPythran and to start a very similar but wider project called Transonic! Have a look at the repository!

Few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post on issues of Cython and Pythran. A section was called Can we do better ? Science fiction ! Finally, it is no longer science fiction and these thoughts and work lead to the creation of a package I am quite proud of :-)

I put a lot of effort in the development of a hopefully nice and useful tool for open-source scientific computing: FluidPythran.

Scientists and data analysts using Python need good tools for very efficient computations with Python code. Among many projects addressing this issue, I think Pythran is really very interesting.

However, using Pythran in real code is not always simple and nice.

FluidPythran addresses some of these issues. This release (version 0.1.5) is important. FluidPythran is now usable. It does what it has to do, with a good battery of tests and a serious documentation.

With Pythran and FluidPythran, writting elegant and very efficient Python scientific libraries and applications becomes really easy. I hope it is going to be used elsewhere than in FluidDyn packages!

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