Fluidsimfoam at OpenFOAM users conference

I will present our new Python package Fluidsimfoam at the OpenFOAM users conference . My slides are available here . I also prepared a short poster, which can be downloaded here .

Note for the live demo

During the presentation I will do a very simple demo (described in the slides ). I think it would be more valuable if people can follow on their computers and try to play with Fluidsimfoam during the conference. Therefore, I give here indications how to setup Fluidsimfoam to follow the demo. Since we have only 20 min for the presentation, one needs to install the requirements and Fluidsimfoam before! The requirements are Python >=3.9 (with pip !), OpenFOAM and if possible Mercurial (only to download the source code, which you can actually also download without Mercurial from https://foss.heptapod.net/fluiddyn/fluidsimfoam) and Poetry (to be installed with one of the methods presented here ).

When the requirements are installed, Fluidsimfoam can be installed and tested with:

hg clone https://foss.heptapod.net/fluiddyn/fluidsimfoam
cd fluidsimfoam
poetry install
poetry shell
# setup OpenFOAM as usual
pytest -v

If everything runs without error, you are ready for the demo! Otherwise, you can create an issue here and explain your problem.