Paper on Snek5000 accepted to JOSS

Good news, our paper describing Snek5000 (our new Nek5000 framework based on Python) has been accepted to the Journal of Open-Source Software.


Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations are essential tools in various scientific and engineering disciplines. Nek5000 is a CFD Fortran code based on spectral element methods with a proven track record in numerous applications. In this article, we present Snek5000 , a Python package designed to streamline the management and visualization of fluid dynamics simulations based on Nek5000. The package builds upon the functionality of Nek5000 by providing a user-friendly interface for launching and restarting simulations, loading simulation data, and generating figures and movies. This paper introduces Snek5000 , discusses its design principles, and highlights its impact on the scientific community.

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