Proposition internship simulation wave turbulence

Weak wave turbulence has not yet been observed and studied in experiments in stably stratified fluids. Within the ERC project WATU, which is dedicated to study wave turbulence experimentally, we plan to produce internal gravity wave turbulence in the Coriolis platform with large plates oscillating around a horizontal axis.

We propose for this internship to perform bidimentional simulations of flows forced similarly as in the planed experiments. The goal is to check whether such forcing can produce 2d weak wave turbulence and to optimize the experimental setup.

We will use the solver ns2d.strat of the CFD code fluidsim. To setup the numerical case, we will have to implement an oscillating forcing scheme, which will involve only simple Python coding and should be very simple.

The student will have to interact with the experimental group (in particular Nicolas Mordant and Antoine Campagne) and with Miguel Calpe Linares, a PhD student also working with the solver ns2d.strat. Knowledge of stratified fluids and turbulence and competences in Python and Linux will be very useful.

Image internal gravity wave turbulence