Stratified turbulence forced with columnar dipoles (new JFM paper)

A paper entitled "Stratified turbulence forced with columnar dipoles: numerical study" written by Paul Billant, Jean-Marc Chomaz and myself has just been published in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics.

a cover

The cover of the volume 769 of JFM.

In this study, we reproduce experimental results obtained during my PhD thesis with a relatively small experiment and show that we would need a larger experiment (~ 10 m) to produce strongly stratified turbulence as it should exist in the atmosphere and in the oceans.

I would also like to highlight another study: High-resolution large-eddy simulations of stably stratified flows: application to subkilometer-scale turbulence in the upper troposphere–lower stratosphere recently published in the journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. This article has been written by scientists working at Meteo france in Toulouse. Since these researchers are specialized in atmospheric sciences, the simulations presented in this study are be more realistic than ours in terms of dynamics of the atmosphere. In particular, an atmospheric code called Meso-NH was used whereas we used a pseudo-spectral code for theoretical fluid mechanics called ns3d. It is very encouraging that despite the differences in terms of methods and points of views of the researchers, the results are quite similar and our interpretations are consistent.