Fluiddyn releases and teaching in September

Close to Grenoble, end of summer is perfect to harvest mushrooms. Unfortunately, we didn’t find so many good mushrooms with the family because we were a bit late. Anyway, we have a good production of new versions of Fluiddyn Python packages .

Harvest Mushrooms

So here are the brand new fluiddyn v0.5.1 , conda-app v0.3.2 , transonic v0.5.1 , fluidfft v0.3.3 and fluidsim v0.6.1 . Except for fluidsim, these are mostly “small” releases containing bug fixes and small improvements.

In contrast, the release of Fluidsim 0.6.1 is the result of a major work done with Vincent Labarre from Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur. We recently presented our work on stratified turbulence forced by vortices or internal waves at the summer school FDSE , at the EuroMech Colloquium 619 and at ISSF 2022 .

Fluidsim 0.6.1 also contains some new features implemented for the course Advanced Numerical Methods of the TMA master :

I’m also doing quite a lot of teaching. I learned how to use Jupyterbook and MyST (which are really great tools) to build nice websites for these courses: