I am a CNRS researcher at LEGI (Laboratoire des Ecoulements Geophysiques et Industriels, UMR 5519).

My main research interests concern fluid dynamics and turbulence, mainly applied to geophysical flows. In my work, a combination of lab experiments, numerical calculations, theoratical derivations and data analysis are used in order to investigate instabilities and turbulence in stratified and rotating fluids.

zigzag instability in le Louvre?

News and posts

Euhit 2 at Göttingen

I attended a two-day meeting at Göttingen (25-26 Jan. 2018) where people from all over Europe gathered to discuss about …

Seminar at LMFA (Lyon)

I was invited to give a seminar at LMFA (Ecole Centrale Lyon).

I gave a presentation on "Studying mixing efficiency …

Milestone 2017

During June and July, we used the Coriolis platform for other experiments of the project MILESTONE (MIxing and LEngth Scales …

Sondage Python au LEGI 2017

Nous organisons avec des collègues de l'UGA une formation débutants et intermédiaires à Python. Dans ce cadre, j'ai fait un …